The Building Survey is highly recommended

Building Survey

A taylor-made service to identify your individual needs

The Building Survey is more in-depth than a Homebuyer Survey.

The Building Survey is highly recommended for:

  • Buildings constructed before 2007. Which was when the CTE (the Spanish Technical Building Code) conformed to the European Standards)
  • Listed buildings
  • Cuyo estado original haya sufrido daños o alteraciones significativas
  • Buildings where you intend to make renovations

A Building Survey consists of:

  • A full inspection
  • An evaluation of the conditions of structural elements and the level of structural safety
  • A comprehensive outline of any found construction defects and faults
  • A thermographic inspection to detect thermal insulation defects, air leakage and damp
  • An estimate of essential repairs
  • A detail outline of the official building regulations associated with the property
  • Schematic plans