Saving on your electric bill could be as simple as plugging the leaks

28 April 2014
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28 April 2014, Comentario 0

We all want to pay lower electric bills and you can with some simple do-it-yourself improvements.

“People don’t understand how bad their houses leak,” says Dan Riedel. He says those leaks can be the same as having a 2 inch hole through your wall.

Riedel took KRMG through a Broken Arrow home and showed us with his thermal imaging camera where heat comes into your home.

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The owner of Thermal Imaging Solutions began with doors and windows. “What I am looking for is big issues where you can go in with caulking or foam and repair it,” says Riedel.

One of the trouble spots in this Broken Arrow home is the back door into the kitchen. Homeowner Wendy Reed says the kitchen is often warmer than other parts of the home.

And you can see why. We took a picture of a back door and so did he. While you could feel a temperature difference, the thermal image shows you the heat loss as shown by the different colors.

In this situation, Riedel was able to push on the door and see that it wasn’t sealed tightly and had some give. He had a few suggestions for the homeowner beginning with insulation tape to help the door seal better and prevent heat loss.

He says the same product can be used to seal window sills where he typically sees heat loss too. He also recommends low ‘E’ film that can be bought and put on your windows to help reflect heat or even to buy low ‘E’ windows.

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